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“Vanessa is absolutely amazing! She came out short notice and even though the weather was not the greatest that didn’t stop her from getting our four legged child back to feeling great again. We HIGHLY recommend Winning streak equine therapy Thank you so much Vanessa. Our family and Tinker greatly appreciate you!” – Mallory




“Shout out to Vanessa Vergara of Winning Streak Equine Therapy Services, LLC for helping Pepper as he’s recovering from an injury. He was very stiff and there was a definite difference in the before and after treatment. Thank you for helping our sweet boy heal so he can get back to his special job with Horses That Help as soon as possible!” – Yvonne




“After trying to get a chiropractor to come adjust my mare whose hasn’t been worked for over 2 years failed, I called Vanessa. My mare was stiff and just not moving correctly. After 1 treatment of massage and Magna Wave, Lola is day and night! I rode her yesterday, first time since treatment. She collected easily, moved off my legs beautifully, and seemed to be more fluid. 1000% happy with Vanessa, and look forward to using her in the future for Lola! Thank you!” – Gina




“I got to ride yesterday, he moved beautifully! He was able to lift and stretch without a fight. He’s able to turn so much better now, not so tense.”




“You are an absolute miracle worker. She felt amazing, I’d say about 90% sound. Plus, once she realized that it didn’t hurt anymore she was so excited to get back to work.” – Rachel




“His gait is far more relaxed, free, and fluid. His trot hasn’t looked this great since his accident.” – Nathalie




“I am beyond astounded by my horse today. Back to his normal racehorse self and I could barely keep him contained to a walk and trot. Was bending at the poll (which is hard for him as he’s always tight up there) and just wanted to go, go, go. Cannot believe the difference in one day. He must be thanking God so much that you came and made him feel better. So, from Wink and I, thank you, just that one visit made a humongous difference!!!!” – Karen




“Absolute pleasure to work with. My mare Flossie has been having some major body soreness. She is very opinionated and will let you know when she does not like something being done. She was not afraid to let Vanessa know something was hurting, but after Vanessa worked on her with the laser and massage, Flossie was begging for more. Made a run on Flossie after she was worked on and she worked beautifully! Very smooth and snappy! Thank you Vanessa for all your hard work, looking forward to next time.” – Julie




“My horse was amazing, so light and responsive after a massage and laser therapy. Thank you again!” – Ashley




“What a great experience today getting Magna Wave and massage done on my horse. He needed it and loved it and is probably looking forward to his next treatment already. Thank you so much Vanessa!” – Karen 




“Vanessa is absolutely a joy to work with! She took her time and thoroughly went through my horse to make sure she relieved any tight or sore muscles. I would highly recommend her to anyone!” – Kyra




“With 1 session my filly felt amazing competing this past weekend running over one second faster after her treatment.” – Ricki




“You’re missing out if you haven’t had her come out!” – Sara




“Vanessa is great with horses, she was very patient with my young horse. She did a great job and my horse was very relaxed and loved it. I will have her out again. Thanks Vanessa.” – Kassie




“I was having some problems with my mare and Vanessa came out and did laser and massage on her. I’ve never seen her so relaxed while Vanessa worked her magic. It was great! Can’t wait for her to do the rest of my herd!!” – Jessica




“Vanessa is kind, caring, patient, and quite knowledgeable. We have 3 horses and she treated them and all of their unique needs. Each personality is different and requires a different approach. She was able to adjust to each set of needs and have a truly successful outcome. Winning Streak has a bright and successful future on the horizon. Strongly recommend Winning Streak!!!” – Leslie




“Vanessa is amazing with how patient & kind she is with my horses. They love seeing her & I can always see & feel a difference after she works with them. I highly recommend!!” – Danielle




“I highly recommend Vanessa and Winning Streak Equine! She takes her time and targets problem areas. My horses always perform better after they’ve had their massage!” – Tiffany




“Vanessa is great! She really helped my horse! Highly recommend her.” – Christina




“I want to say a huge thank you to Vanessa Vergara for working on my horse the last few weeks, she has been making a huge difference. My horse’s neck is still not 100% better after our fall but she is improving so much after every session with Vanessa. After running over a second off a few weeks ago, I knew something was wrong. After seeing the vet and finding out her hocks were sore, Vanessa came out and did ONE laser treatment to her hocks. The next day she ran a tenth off the winning time. She is a miracle worker and every horse deserves a visit from her! Get with her to make an appointment and watch the magic happen!” - Georgia




“Vanessa Vergara has hands of magic. She came to us a few weeks ago for my daughter’s horse and she has been feeling fabulous. She took the time to explain why she was doing what she was doing and for us newbies that was perfect. I know both my daughter and her buddy are looking forward to their next session with Vanessa Vergara.” – Tamara

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