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Laser Therapy


Sports Massage

Equine MagnaWave


              This modality works at a cellular level to help promote healthy tissue, accelerate healing, decrease inflammation, and relieve pain symptoms! Because MagnaWave works at such a fundamental level within the body, it can be used to address a wide variety of injuries and symptoms such as: muscle spasms, fractures, ligament and tendon sprains/strains, wound healing, EPM, anhidrosis, navicular, laminitis, colic, symptoms associated with osteoarthritis, etc.! It can provide the same benefits as a massage, while reaching much deeper into muscles than anyone's hands ever could! MagnaWave can reach deep enough to penetrate bone to help target whatever issues may arise. 



















Equine Laser Therapy 

              This modality is completely non-invasive and safe! Not only can it be used to address tight muscles and acupuncture/trigger points, it can also be used to effectively address swelling/inflammation, wound care/healing, fight infection, pain relief, and injury repair. Laser therapy has been used to treat hundreds of different conditions such as: Arthritis, fractures, tendinitis, sprains, cervical/lumbar intervertebral disc disease, etc.!!


















Equine Sports Massage

             Massages are not only done just to make your horse “feel” better; it can address dozens of different problems! Does your horse flex easier to one side as opposed to the other? Do they refuse to pick up a certain lead? These can be telltale signs of muscle tightness and soreness. Most horses suffer from back soreness and their owners aren't even aware of it! Left untreated, tightness and discomfort continue to build, lowering your horse's performance level or even their willingness to work.













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Equine Laser
Equine Massage
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